I really want Bradford to stop doing that.

I want to teach history when I grow up.

Today's Tigers-Giants baseball game was called off due to heavy rain.

Let's talk over the plan after school.

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I didn't say it happened here.


He gets a reasonable salary as a bank clerk.

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He was described as an extraordinarily passionless man.

The solution of the energy problem will take a long time.

I have seen nothing of him recently.

Could you drive Myrick home?

I want to be a bodyguard.


Weather permitting, I'll start tomorrow.

My school is getting ready for the campus music festival.

I thought you came to see me.

Let's go back to the beginning.

It was not till yesterday that I knew the fact.

I'm still talking.

Omar can speak French almost as well as he can speak Spanish.

I'd like my egg very, very soft boiled.

Change is never easy.

Maybe I should just tell Turkeer the truth.

John Kerry opposed this idea.

Celtic is still present in Irish, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

They kissed each other goodnight.

I will accompany you.

Kathleen and Jock won't go without me.


Each year in July, when the Championships are over, he starts to prepare for the next year.

I'm busy with writing letters and giving speeches.

I called her last evening but she didn't answer.

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Rik has a message for John from Sanjib.


Is there a clothing store near here?


I'm expecting a call from you.

Why do you have such a negative approach to life?

Now, don't panic.

Don't be so mean to Knapper.

We can say that Mrs. Smith is a television addict.

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Mario eats like a pig and he looks like one, too.


Because of the storm, we couldn't search for the lost child.

He who seeks wisdom is a wise man, he who thinks he's found it is a fool.

We have no notion of attacking him.

The capital of Mexico is the largest city in Latin America.

William was arrested by the police.


I like her none the less for her faults.

Christopher is too young.

He was too clever for me and I was done brown.

Sigurd is still in kindergarten, isn't he?

He goes to the office by car.

I was thinking that I would go there by bicycle, but it began to rain.

Alan is missing a few teeth.

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You had better see the cloth with your own eyes.

You see that I too have a spirit; but my spirit bears the sting of a scorpion.

"What are you doing today?" "I'm doing nothing much."

He is enrolled at that university.

Ken survived three shipwrecks.

All the students look up to him.

You are an original masterpiece.

He was dealt a deadly blow.

I have a graze here.

You got to learn to take what people are willing to give.

Lui should get the job.

I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

He felt uneasy in his father's presence.


Just don't say anything to Ranjit, please?

Kazuhiro has never been in prison.

I have never seen Socrates ever do wrong.

His breathing became faint.

Information will be provided on a need-to-know basis.

She doesn't seem happy.

"Do you trust me?" "No."

Are you still busy?

The gesture of adolescence, which raves for this or that on one day with the ever-present possibility of damning it as idiocy on the next, is now socialized.

Your success in the enterprise depends on your effort.

Do you know his brother?

Let's not go into details.

He comes here without fail on Sunday.

She caught sight of the tautology that she was looking for in a crowd of other, equally useless and potentially dangerous, tautologies.

It's a little town, but very beautiful.

My sister didn't own up to breaking the lamp, instead she made up some story about aliens coming to Earth with the objective of destroying every piece of yellow furniture.

He set a precedent.

Every man has his weak side.

In communism, the means of production are owned by the state.


However you could say that being found hard to understand by the common folk for one's genius is fate.

Did you take your medicine?

What're they doing?

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Jupiter is very large.


There was nothing to celebrate.


Someone is standing at the door.


You'll all die.

I've been to many countries.

The more one has, the more one desires.

We were astonished at the news.

I have no jewels to sell.

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She is hard on them.

He feels so insecure about his french although he has said he's a french native speaker, that every time he knows I'm there, he doesn't dare to write a single phrase in french.

Sergio wasn't able to convince Klaus to come back home.

They have nothing to complain about.

Maurice finds it difficult to read small print.

I'm not going to be afraid anymore.

Ninja has a trash compactor.

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What's that there?

I shade my eyes from sun shine.

Is Elias awake?

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Seen from space, Earth seems relatively small.

I should not have trusted you.

I am sorry that I have troubled you so much.

Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.

He hurried to the house, but was disappointed to find it empty.

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He returned to Japan.

Rahul was overjoyed.

I forgot to buy flowers for Cliff.

Did you learn Finnish just because you loved her?

Who'll pay for that?

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She's old and crazy.


He has already done my homework.

When I woke up this morning, the rain had turned into snow.

Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.

They brought Seth in on a stretcher.

I've still got things to do.

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He never came.

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I can't afford to wait around for Karen.


Caleb knows that I don't care.

Are you spying on me?

You were about to dump her flat out, weren't you?


They were standing still with their eyes wide open.


The village does not have a post office.

British immigrants didn't speak standard English.

You should go home. It's late.

I'm looking for someone who will learn English with me.

Nail polish is useless: no one looks at nails anyway.

He will have a picnic next Saturday.

Why do I still listen to this?

I consider that a good thing.

She used to love him.

The police are looking for both of us.

I will die for you.


I'm driving to Boston tomorrow to visit Vassos.


He was kind enough to see that I wanted for nothing.


They never stopped.


Unfortunately, that's correct.


If you have nothing to say, better say nothing.


I received a letter three months later.

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That's what I want from you.

Marcos is thirty minutes late already.

He is smarter than anyone.

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I still get lonely sometimes.


Why did Marilyn start studying French?

He has pains in his side.

Edmund is applying ointment to his wound.


Here's the book.

The management said that a wage increase was out of the question.

Donal noticed that his hands weren't clean.

What a remarkable achievement!

You're not going to find him.

I could not solve this problem by any means.

Just stay on this path.

Don't keep saying you're sorry.

The event is on Saturday.

It must have cost a fortune.

One hundred and twenty-five years have proven that Esperanto is more than a language.

I made mistakes.

I know you're busy, Oskar.